Monday, November 29, 2010

Gone Fishin...

I have a confession to make: I’m tired. Really, really tired. The kind of tired that reminds me of trans-Atlantic flights to someplace super awesome—only minus the super awesome part. And if I’m honest, my brain has turned to mush. Not zombie, night of the living dead mush, but more like the ‘wait, did I shampoo my hair or not?’ moment in the shower kind of mush. I’ve been staring at the screen for an hour now, trying to think of something terribly clever/fun/moving/ and/or witty, and I gotta say, I got nothing.

A little over two weeks ago, I started a seasonal job in retail to make a little something extra for the holidays, and I had nooo idea how exhausting it is to stand on my feet for eight hours a day—not to mention the stress of trying to learn a new computer system and remembering all those pesky details that seem to want to run away from me like spooked bison. Add to that the early mornings this night owl is unaccustomed to and my 45 minute commute—each way—and I am running on fumes. So I am copping out this week and giving myself a bit of a break.

As a thank you for stopping by, I am offering not one, but TWO lucky commenters a four pack of cupcakes shipped to your house by yours truly. In order to be eligible, just tell me what your favorite part of the Christmas season is. The shopping? The gifts? The smell of snow in the air? The day after Christmas? I'll post the winners on next week's blog, so be sure to check back then.

You guys are awesome for bearing with me, and I PROMISE to be back in the saddle for next week- *with* a new, kick-butt recipe. In the meantime, have an awesome week, and good luck in the drawing!! Oh, and here’s a pretty picture to tide you over till next week:


  1. I took last week off due to traveling and such. I need a vacation from my holiday. :)

    Rest up and good luck with your retail job. Just remember to smile and the customer is always right.

    I love snow!

    It's about the only thing I miss from West Virginia. You can expect cold and snow anytime between October and March. Here in NC we rarely get snow and when we get precipitation it is usually ice.

    Yucky stuff ice.

    But every few years we get a nice snow with soft puffy flakes which turns the whole landscape white.

  2. Get your rest! LOL. I'm sure you need it.

    My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve night, when my family would go driving through town to look at all the Christmas decorations up on the houses, singing carols as we drove. Then we'd get back to the house and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then everyone was off to bed.

  3. You poor thing! You're exhausted and yet you still seem to have the best descriptions ever (spooked bison - ha!). Love the Gone Fishin could've just left it at that and it would've been hilarious:) Take good care of you...this is an exhausting time of year...somehow I suspect that's not exactly what God intended for this season.

    You certainly don't need to make me cupcakes, but my favorite parts of Christmas are seeing family (of course), candlelight Christmas Eve services with all my favorite songs being sung and the spirit of hope and community and joy in the air, looking at the Christmas tree lights in the silence of the night after everyone has gone to bed, Mom's chocolate bar cookies and Dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas every year, even if I'm not at home.
    Now go burn up that cash register, you sales star you!

  4. As an early riser (not by design) and a night owl (because there are not enough hours in the day), I understand your exhaustion. I love this time of year for the energy it brings. It has a different feeling than the rest of the year. I enjoy holiday baking and sharing those treats with others. Madison has decided she loves Kissmastime- which is how it sounds when she says it- and request her Kissmas music on in the van at all times. The Polar Express and decorating the tree is our family tradition. My grandma was the ultimate holiday baker. I loved and looked forward to visiting her house during the Christmas Season. She could out decorate Martha Stewart at Christmas. I'm thankful for those memories.

  5. beautiful pic ek :) one of my favorite things to do at christmas is wrap presents while watching elf or christmas vaction and sitting in front of the christmas tree...i actually love everything about christmas from shopping to giving and all the little things in between...looking forward to seeing you guys

  6. Beth, isn't that always the case, lol? Nothing like a vacation to wear us out :) You and I will be hoping for fluffy snow together!

    Catherine and Kara, I love that we three all have very special place in our hearts for Twas the Night Before Christmas. Absolute genius, it is - especially when read to you by someone you love :) Kara, you have lots of wonderful imagry in that - made me smile :)

  7. Kissmastime - Rhonda, that's adorable :) And I agree about the energy of the season - its truly wonderful. Even though I'm exhausted by standing in dress shoes for eight hours a day, nothing makes me happier than helping someone find that perfect gift :) Sounds like you have plenty of wonderful memories!

    Aww - the wrapping! Andi, that is such a fun part of the season :) And Elf... and my personal favorite - A Christmas Story. Good stuff, that. Can't wait to hang out with all of you!

  8. I just "stopped by" because I realized that I had not seen a reminder of a post from you this week. You are an amazing writer because I can sense your weariness. I worked way too many years in retail and I know that aching leg, exhausting, brain dead feeling all too well. I look forward to you getting your energy back in the new year!
    I must be brain dead too as I keep on typing what my favorite part of the holiday season is and then I go back and delete it and write again....Lately, I love the fact that my husband has 2 weeks off for Christmas. And now, with 3 children, seeing Christmas through their eyes and sharing traditions with them. I look forward this year, sharing Alexis' first Christmas!

  9. Kristina, even on my most exhausting day, I still have nothing on you moms out there! You guys have such amazing energy, you put the rest of us to shame :)

    How wonderful that your kids are at such neat ages for Christmas. There is nothing like seeing the excitement and belief in their eyes when they dream about Santa :)

    Thanks for stopping by - I too am looking forward to getting my energy back. This weekend will go a long way towards it since I am off til Monday - yay!