Monday, May 30, 2011

Until Thursday...

I am a writer of romance.

I spend my days weaving stories with the sole purpose of making my readers smile someday. It is my goal to craft a story so well that, when my hero and heroine fall in love, my reader will be right there with them, sighing or grinning or crying tears of happiness. It is what I strive for day in and day out as I write, and delete, and edit, and rewrite.

I write romance because I love love. And this Thursday, love will be at the heart of the matter as I celebrate a very important anniversary. So what is the occasion? Alas, dear Cake Reader, you will have to wait two more days to find out because, in honor of this very special day, I will be posting my blog Thursday instead of Tuesday. I hope you will join me on this wonderful occasion.

And don’t worry – it’s black tie optional ;) Until then!

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