Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lazy Sunday

My poor husband is not a fan of Sunday evenings. Come six o’clock on the lake, all the weekenders have packed up, and only a few boats remain. To him, it represents the death of a weekend, and the impending birth of a new work week. As for me, I relish the peace as the water once more grows still.

The sun, while still bright, has fallen behind our neighbor’s trees, saving us from its hot rays and squint-worthy glare. On nights like this, we can frolic in the lake as if it was our own personal pool, stretching endlessly in both directions.

Our puppies can play along side us, champion dog-paddlers that they are, their little paws pumping rhythmically beside us as they glide through the satin water. With no worries of careless boaters, I can lay on my back as I swim, my legs kicking lazily as I watch the clouds float by.

When I finally emerge from the water, I tend to my tiny little garden, filled with hopes and dreams in the form of tomato plant seedlings, despite the gardening debacle of last year. I am an optimist, after all, and this year my lovingly tended plants will thrive.

Big black dog still splashes happily in the water, my first-born follows behind me with her ever-present rock, and little pup runs circles around my husband with youthful abandon. My whole world is here in my backyard, together for this one perfect evening.

Though this is the time of the week Kirk dreads, for me, it is magic. It fills my heart to hear nothing but the lapping of water, or the yips of my littlest pup as she tries to keep up with her sisters. I love that I can talk with my husband about nothing and everything as we float freely in the summer hush, or sit on the dock, or smile at the dogs’ antics.

Of course, it’s not a fair comparison, for I no longer live the rat race as I once did. But life has so many blessing, some huge and obvious, some quiet and simple. For me, Sunday nights are a private blessing, one best experienced with family, but shared with the world :).

Now don't laugh - but at the bottom of this post is my very first attempt at a movie. It's not very long, but I hope you enjoy!

Tell me about your favorite little moments – the ones you store away for later, and think on with a smile.

Okay, my dear cake readers, I have some sad news. In five weeks time, I must fit into one fantabulous ball gown for the Golden Heart award ceremonies. Why is this sad, you ask? Because I have banned sweets from my house! So here is a very simple, back-to-basics ‘recipe’ that made me very happy today:

Homemade Juice-sicles!

I bought a very inexpensive popsicle maker, filled it with juice (I chose V8 V-Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry with 100% fruit and veggie juice), and waited (impatienty) for the magic to happen. 25 calorie, all natural yummy summer treat? Sign me up!


  1. This is delightful, Erin. Your happiness glows all around you and brought sweet tears to my eyes.

  2. Aw, what a sweet thing to say, L.J.! Thanks so much for stopping by to - it's friends like you that make my life that much better :)

  3. Oh, that was a lovely video. Love it! And completely agree that Sunday evenings are the best time to be on the lake. The quiet of still water, no bracing yourself against waves... I'm with you.

  4. Rhonda BurkhalterMay 24, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    I LOVE the picture that the video ends on. The dog in the sunset is beautiful. I love that particular flavor of V8 Fusion. I hope it turned out as a yummy treat. I freeze yogurt for Madison in the summer. You could probably do the same with your popsicle maker. Makes for a tasty treat! I have always been afraid of water I cannot see the bottom of so to me, you are VERY brave for being in the lake. :) It looks like so much fun! In our new town, we are near summer tourist spots with the Cumberland Falls and Daniel Boone State Parks nearby. This weekend we will see the first flux of summer travelers. Reminds me of when I used to go camping almost every weekend between Memorial Weekend and Labor Day weekend.

  5. Oh, Rhonda - I LOVE the frozen yogurt popsicle idea! I'll have to try that next. Yes, the V8 was super delicious and very satisfying to my midnight sweet tooth :)

    I know there are many out there who shudder at the thought of swimming in murky water. To me, it doesn't matter if I can see the bottom because I almost never touch it, lol. You should see me when I float as close to the dock as possible before putting my feet down to hoist myself out.
    How wonderful that your new home is so close to those awesome places! I imagine your family will get good use out of them this summer :)

  6. Tammy, I think that video hit on two of the big three things we have in common: writing, dogs, and lake life! I hope you are loving your new boat, and that you will have plenty of lazy Sundays this summer :)

  7. Lovely. Just lovely. My heart is smiling:)

  8. :) Thanks Kara. I hope to see more videos from you soon, you old video-making veteran, you!

  9. Nice job on the video -- did you use iMovie? It's a nice program. As for frozen treats, thanks, but I'll stick with a DQ Blizzard (No awards ceremonies for me this summer!)

  10. Thanks, Andy! Yup, me and iMovie at 1 AM are quite the combinations, lol. As for the blizzard...I'm sorry, what was I saying? I had to wipe the drool from my chin ;)