Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Spring In My Step

Okay, so I know I waxed poetic about the snow, and I know that I grumble all summer long about how blasted hot it is, but I just want to say: hallelujah, it’s SPRING!! Can I get an amen?

Seriously, this has been the longest, coldest, darkest winter ever recorded in the history of all of mankind (as scientifically determined by me freezing my tushie off for the past four months), and I have never been more excited to see a blooming goldenrod bush in my entire life.


This weekend, we were even able to crank open the windows and wear short sleeves. I feel enlivened. I feel invigorated. I feel…stuffed up. Whatever – I’ll take a little sinus hassle if it means frolicking through the backyard with naught but a sundress on. I’ll suffer the neti pot for the decadence of enjoying our first boat cruise of the year. (Although, really, I think that medieval torture device should have stayed in the dark ages where it belongs. I use it, but it is so wrong.)

But best of all about the coming spring? How much it inspires me. With the return of light in the evenings and a warm breeze through my house, I am invigorated with all the possibilities. I want to clean, to check things off my to-do list, and—best of all—I want to write. What is it about the spring air that absolutely begs for a happily ever after?

Today, in a rare act of self-indulgence, I snuck out and saw a movie all by myself (a love story -purely for research, of course!). When it let out a little after six, I stopped for an ice cream cone and wandered around the charming little plaza amidst the stores and restaurants, nodding to the shop workers and passerbys alike. Before long, a sun-drenched bench beckoned, and I sat alone in the waning sunshine, watching four young siblings play Simon Says on the turf ahead of me. As I lapped at the last vestiges of creamy, strawberry goodness, I smiled at the memory of the games of Red Rover, Red Rover, dodgeball, and Red Light, Green Light a thousand years ago, when I was that young.

Those sweet memories led to others: flying a kite on a brisk Kentucky spring day, lying back on the soft bluegrass and watching the swiftly moving, diaphanous clouds morph rapidly from an elephant, to a peanut, to a hot air balloon against a brilliant blue backdrop. We even had a real hot air balloon land in our yard once, like a colorful, graceful jellyfish floating down from the heavens. I was slightly older then, around 11 or 12, but still young enough to feel the rush of delight at such a wondrous thing. Even now, every time I see one in the sky, a brightly colored dot hanging against an endless blue canvas, I think of that day and smile.

Spring has always brought light, and warmth, and color, and life. As I breath in the new season, that indefinable taste of happiness, an odd sense of hope washes over me. Hopeful for good news with my writing, hopeful for a finished kitchen, hopeful that the coming pollen won’t lead to more neti pot use ;)

What are some of your favorite springtime memories? Have you been enjoying the same beautiful weather as we’ve been blessed with here? And if any of you are spring-cleaning…can you come over here and help me?? :)

Cabinets are scheduled to be installed starting today – hooray! Another two weeks for the countertops, but the hardwoods are nearly completed and the entertainment center is taking shape! It won’t be long now until everything’s done and I can post pics!


  1. Oh Lord! You are making me think of sooo many things. Nostalgia here I come, lol! I remember when I was younger that my parents would send me and my sister outside with the instructions of don't come back in until it's dark. Of course we'd sneak over to my great-grandmother's house (she lived right beside us) for snacks!

    Can't wait to see the finished product. I know your renovations will look fabulous!

  2. We've been running the AC for the better part of a month now. The Bradford pear trees have already blossomed and shed their pretty flowers. I've caught the wisteria blooming. I think the red buds are a day or two away from budding.

    All of which means I'm miserable. LOL. My allergies are going berserk, and I've had the worst stretch of problems with my asthma that I can remember in my life over the last two weeks. The worst of it all? The grass is growing again, which means everyone is mowing.

    I hate spring. But I'm glad there are people out there who can enjoy it. :)

  3. Ha, Marquita - I totally remember my mom kicking us out and locking the doors, lol! It's so cool that you had your great-grandmother to hit up for food ;) Thanks for stopping by to say hello, and enjoy the nostalgia!

  4. Two words Catherine: Neti pot! Just kidding, you poor thing. Sorry you have to deal with so much crappy allergy stuff. At least you had a nice, long, cold winter to enjoy!

  5. My favorite spring memory: walking barefoot in the rain.

    Love your blog, Erin.

  6. Sounds like the perfect memory, Petrina! Thanks for the compliment, I am so glad you enjoy it :)

  7. I know how you feel about spring! Of course, where I live, the weather played a cruel trick on me. Warm, breezy weekend followed by snow. How sick is that?

    Best springtime memory is sitting in a lawn chair and reading for hours and hours.

    And with the evenings being brighter, I am writing a LOT more than I did in winter. Yay!

  8. Haha - you must live near my sister, BookGeek - I couldn't believe when she sent day-on-the-beach pics one day, and winter wonderland the next! Crazy, I say! Love the thought of reading in a lawn chair for hours - I may have to recreate that one :)
    Happy writing, my dear!

  9. Pretty pictures:) I too am filled with the wonder and beauty of spring, mixed with the dread of allergies. I live for flowers and trees -- even though they try to assassinate my nose! The happy springtime memories that come to mind right now are of dogwoods blooming down a lane in PeeWee Valley and the excitement of getting beautiful new easter dresses every year.

  10. I forgot about the Easter dresses, Kara! I still remember the one I had with the little bells sewn into the inside of the skirt - I felt like a fairy princess :)
    Yeah, the pollen is on the attack here - it won't be long before everything is mustard yellow...

  11. Spring delight: evenings on the porch reading and watching the kids play.
    Spring dread: mowing grass!

  12. Love the delight, and I don't even mind the dread ;) Thanks for stopping by, Andy!!