Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of Being Kitchenless

Erin’s Kitchenless Journal

Day 1

Wow, it is so weird not to have the oven and stove at my fingertips. Or a sink. Or a pantry. It’s like an adventure! We’re like Robinson Crusoe, without the beard or scary cannibals! I know, I’ll grill a delicious pork loin, microwave SteamFresh veggies, and pour wine for the hubby :)

Day 3

Okay, at some point I should probably wash those grilling tongs and wine glass. If I could find the dish soap, that would be a positive step. And if the bathroom sink were a little deeper, that would make things so much easier. Hmm, perhaps Lean Cuisine has a yummy entrée I can pop in the microwave.

Day 5

If I look at one more Lean Cuisine, I am going to hurl. Oh, wait—what did that commercial just say? $5 footlongs the whole month of February? SCORE! I love Subway. And there are so many different subs to choose from! Man, it is just so nice to have an excuse for eating out.

Day 9

If I ever meet Jared, I will ask him how the hell he ingested so many &*#$ing sub sandwiches. . Subway should give away free subs for life more often as a promotion. After 4 days, the winner won’t be coming back and just think of all the marketing they’d get out of it. Man, I’m a marketing genius! I guess I should give the nicer restaurants a try now.

Day 11

(in fetal position on dust-covered couch, watching dust-covered tv. An orange peal, granola wrapper, and empty Redi-whip can littered on the tray before me)

Day 12

Did you ever know that you’re my hero? Did you ever know that you’re the wind beneath my wings? {Neighbor blinking} “Um, does that mean you do want to come over for dinner tonight?”

There’s a special place in heaven for neighbors and their extra pot roast. It was simple fare: meat, veggie, and rolls. I may contact Michelin to see about getting her a star rating from them. Brilliant. Best food of my life. I may have licked the plate. And Kirk’s.

And those box cupcakes with the canned icing? Best ever. EK heart Neighbor 4ever

Day 15

THE CABINETS ARE COMING! THE CABINETS ARE COMING!!! The rescue squard, er, delivery company called to schedule delivery today. Shoved aside the loaf of banana bread I have been eating on for three days (again, EK heart Neighbor 4ever)

:) Can you tell I’m ready to have my kitchen back? So have you ever reached the point where there was nothing you wanted more than a home cooked meal? Have you ever looked at a food that you once adored and considered chucking it out the window? *coughsubwayclubcough*

My recipe for the week? Wait for a neighbor to have pity on you and feed you a hot meal ;) Lord, I can’t wait to get my kitchen back and start inventing new recipes again! Happy week to you all, and yes, I did finish my revisions. Hooray!!


  1. Nope. I don't have that problem because I'm never anywhere where I eat out enough. My husband feels that way when he comes back from trips. After he has told me all about the wonderful dinners he and his coworkers ate.

    He comes home and wants to eat in. Having eaten sandwiches and salads for a week, I'm ready to go someplace nice. And not see my kitchen for a meal.

  2. Beth, that was me last summer. I was working in the mountains for a few weeks, and I'd come home and want nothing more than to just hang around the house and eat real food. Meanwhile, Erin was going crazy from being holed up in the house all week with no interaction and wanted to go into town more than anything else.

  3. Hilarious post. I've had about as much soup in a microwavable cup that one girl can handle these past two months...definitely time for some home cooked meals soon...ahhh HOME.

  4. Kirk said it all, Beth - I *totally* know how that feels! At least there is always the second Saturday of the month ;)
    Thanks so much to both of you for stopping by!

  5. LOL, Kara - I knew you'd know how it feels! Between traveling and moving, you must be craving comfort food something fierce!

  6. Best post ever. Love the timeline of kitchenlessness! Best of luck with your continued renovations :) Also, I'd make you dinner if I was your neighbor!

  7. Hehe, Bookgeek, so glad you liked the post! And I am lamenting that you aren't my neighbor right about now, lol.
    Painting is done, and we start the floors tonight, so the end is definitely in sight!