Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bending Your Ear

Before I was a writer, I held a job as an environmental specialist that required that I spend hours upon hours traveling from one site to another, cooped up in a cramped truck cab, staring out on the open road.  

Me, somewhere in Alabama :)
For most, this may sound like a form of torture.  No one to talk to, no radio station strong enough to withstand the miles, not even a coworker to be a warm body beside you. But for me, it was bliss.  The very first stop on any road trip was always the same: Cracker Barrel for a book-on-tape and an old-fashioned candy bar.

Both of these were pure indulgence. As the caramel or chocolate or nugget melted in my mouth, my ears tuned to the opening lines of the book on tape, eager to begin.  If the book was particularly good, I’d sometimes find myself sitting in the parking lot of a motel, riveted to the narrator’s often melodic voice, unwilling to leave the cab despite my hours glued to the driver’s seat.  I listened to hundreds of books over the years, some good, some bad, some absolutely amazing. They were my companions on the lonely road—the friends that shortened the miles and made those long, hard days worth it.

Even now, when I rarely hit the road, I still sometimes prefer to have a talented storyteller narrate my favorites to me. Harry Potter just wouldn’t be the same without Jim Dale. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series came alive thanks to Lorelei King’s skilled interpretation. And Stephanie Meyer’s The Host was absolutely mesmerizing thanks to Kate Reading’s compelling narration.

So I must say, it is with GREAT excitement that I announce my latest news: MORE THAN A STRANGER will soon be available as an audio book! The brilliant and talented Alison Larkin is lending her gorgeous voice to bring Evie and Benedict’s story to life, and I couldn’t be more pleased :)  
So, dear readers, keep an eye out come June 24th . . . as for me, it looks like a road trip is in order!!

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  1. Woohooo!!!! So exciting!! I might take a road trip just so I can listen to it!!

  2. Erin, the funniest thing I discovered is that a number of readers listen to audio books while...cleaning the house. It tickled me to think of them cleaning toilets to the voice of that narrator. ;-)