Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Woohoo - Today's the Day!!

Guess what today is...

(No, not election day well. Well, yes, it is that, but that's not nearly as exciting as....)

The release day for MISS MISTLETOE!!!

I'm so excited about my very first novella :-)) Miss Mistletoe picks up where More Than a Stranger left off—at Evie and Benedict's wedding! Evie's cousin Cece has come to witness the nuptials, only to be confronted with the one man she had hoped to never see again . . . 

Cece’s heart slammed abruptly against her ribs. Dear Lord, it couldn’t be! Stifling a gasp, she jumped around the corner into the drawing room. She pressed herself against the wall, keeping out of sight as she tried to breathe past the tightness of her throat.
Her eyes were playing tricks on her, surely. She blinked several times, then rubbed them for good measure. Holding her breath, she leaned cautiously forward until she could just make out the people in the hall. There he was—Finn!
She ducked back out of view, pressing both hands to her face in horror. What was he even doing here? He was good friends with Richard, of course, but had more of a passing acquaintance with Evie. . . . Cece dropped her hands. Of course—he had gone to Eton with Richard. Mr. Hastings was a friend from Eton. She nearly groaned. Yes, wouldn’t it be just her luck that they were all perfectly delightful friends with one another.
Mercy be—how was she going to face him?
She closed her eyes against the fresh wave of mortification that washed through her. She didn’t want to think on that night five years ago, didn’t even want to conjure the memories of the scent of cinnamon flavoring the air, the swirling snow outside the windows, the glossy green bough of Viscum album hanging above her. . . . It was over, in the past—she had practically been a child, for heaven’s sake!
The sounds of the group began to recede as they made their way outside. She had to get herself together; she couldn’t very well miss the wedding just because the man who represented the single most awful moment of her entire life just happened to be party to the festivities. She was a grown woman. She had matured leaps and bounds since that embarrassing, ill-advised indiscretion five years ago.
Although not so much, apparently, that she could face him. No matter how sternly she told herself to leave her hiding place and make her way to the carriage, she could not seem to separate herself from the wall.
“Miss McCrea?”
Cece sucked in a startled breath. She’d know that smooth, dark timbre anywhere. It had haunted her dreams for half a decade, after all. Why, oh, why was he the one looking for her? She shook her head. It didn’t matter.
“Miss McCrea?” he said again, much closer this time.
She couldn’t just stand there, cowering in the drawing room like some sort of criminal. She was a proper woman now, and she had to act as one. Straightening her spine, she took two swift breaths, licked her lips, and emerged from her hiding spot.


 I hope you enjoy this light, sweet Christmas read—it's specially written to make you smile during the rush of the Christmas season :-)  Have you ever kissed anyone special under the mistletoe? Fess up!  Or better yet, if there is someone you wish you could find beneath the mistletoe?

And on a side note... am I the only one who is reeling about the fact that it is already November??



  1. No, I have never been kissed under the mistletoe. If I had I would be telling everyone.

  2. LOL - too funny, Melody! Thanks so stopping by, sweetie :-))

  3. Completely reeling! Especially since it's 85 degrees out! I feel like it's July!! And you know what's crazy -- I can't ever remember being kissed under the mistletoe! Tragic, I know. Love this book so much:)

    1. No mistletoe kisses?! You MUST remedy that this year! :))

  4. It's my goal in life to be kissed under the mistletoe ;) Can't wait to read this Erin!

    1. Be like Cece, Megan - take matters into your own hands! lol :)