Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Pleasures - Popcorn!

Okay, to many of you, that may sound like too simple of a simple pleasure. “Yeah, yeah, toss a bag in the microwave – what’s the big deal.” First of all – yuck! Don’t you dare equate microwave popcorn to real popcorn. That’s like comparing an iPod Touch to a Sony Walkman circa 1989. So wrong.
Anywho, for me, popcorn is so much more than that.  Growing up, there were two things that were not to be had in my home: junk food and superfluous piles of money. That meant that Friday nights would involve the family gathering around the old, wooden-box TV in the living room and watching whatever programming the networks deemed worthy that night.  Dad would get to work in the kitchen, popping up a gigantic bowl of oil-popped popcorn, topping with a drizzle of melted butter and a dash of salt, and divvying up the bounty between the five of us.
At something like 30 cents a bowl and only two ingredients, it flew under the radar with my health-food loving mom and budget conscious dad. And so, the tradition endured. 
Through the years, many things changed in our lives. Friends over for sleepovers, a shiny new VCR, my sister going off to college—but still there was the ever present Friday night treat.  
To this day, I can hardly go a week without raiding the pantry for the popping corn and oil. It is the embodiment of comfort food for me, a delicious constant that has followed me through all phases of my life.  It’s the perfect start to a weekend, a yummy end to a long day, and exactly the tradition that I plan to adhere to for a long time to come.
I know, I know—who has an ode to popcorn for a blog? Well…I do :) It’s a wonderful, simple pleasure that I can really sink my teeth into!

So what’s your simple pleasure food? What where your family’s weekend rituals?

As for today’s recipe . . . did you even have to ask??
Take any pan. Add enough oil to coat bottom of pan. Add 3 kernels of popcorn and cover with lid. Heat on medium high until the three kernels pop.  Immediately add enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pan with a single layer. Cover with lid. As popcorn pops, shake the pan to evenly heat. Once popping has slowed to less than1 or 2 pops per second, remove from heat, pour in bowl, top with salt and ENJOY!


  1. Growing up, I had both oil popped popcorn and air popcorn. I preferred the air popped because there was less mess. However, after working in a movie theatre for two summers in HS and College...I lost my taste for popcorn.

    I did occasionally use microwave popcorn for lunch when I had a day job but for the most part popcorn is not on my snack food list.

    My absolute favorite food is ice cream and every Friday afternoon if the kids 'behave' in school we go for a treat. During the summer we get snow cones instead of IC.

  2. In the words of Homer Simpson, Mmm...popcorn

  3. Haha! Andy's comment made me laugh:) I don't know how I missed this post! You have made me very very hungry! I remember those nights watching The Wonderful World of Disney very well -- I've still never had popcorn that tasted as good. I'm constantly disappointed by movie theater popcorn...they always lure me in with the smell, but it is always a poor facsimile of what popcorn should be.