Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Debut Week Delights!

The past week has been an amazing, wonderful, humbling and unforgettable time for me as I celebrated the release of my first novel, More Than a Stranger. It has been the sort of magical experience that you wish for everyone in the world to have at least once in their lives. I'm so incredibly grateful to all those who attended my first two signings, as well as to those who sent wonderful notes and messages of encouragement, and to those who purchased the book in support of me.

To all of you, I offer a big, huge, happy Thank You!! I was beyond thrilled that both signings were such a success, with each one selling out (and the one in Louisville had stocked 40 books!)

Below are some pictures from the two signings. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of everyone who came, but I'll always remember you guys for coming out to share the day with me :)  At the bottom is a short video from the author panel I participated in. I hope you enjoy!

Ready to go in my hometown of Louisville, KY

Several of my mom's awesome co-workers stopped by for their copies :)

My darling niece and nephew!

My wonderful in-laws came out to see me

My Mom and Dad :)

The girls: My mom, sister, and fashionista niece

My sweet friend Jocelyn drove quite a ways to see me - and her darling daughter approves, lol!
I was delighted to see my friend Ginny there!

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