Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Mini-Post

Two things in this post. First of all, I noticed that I forgot to list the milk in the buttercream recipe below. I have fixed it now, but I wanted to point it out separately so no one misses the change. Sorry for the slip!

Secondly, I am very excited to have learned this week I am a finalist in the Spring Into Romance Contest that I entered a few months ago. They announce the winners June 19. Of course I would be thrilled to win, but I have already accomplished my initial goal, and that was to get the manuscript in front of the final judge. Tessa Woodward is an editor at Avon, a publishing group under Harper Collins who is legendary in the romance genre. Nearly all of my favorite authors are published by Avon. I'll be sure to post the results of the contest when they are announced.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I hope to see you back on Tuesday for Part 2 of the Have Cake, Will Travel saga. The cupcake winner will be announced in that post. You have until Monday to comment on Tuesday's post to be eligible to win!