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In my latest book, THE BARON NEXT DOOR, the heroine, Charity, is based on my composer brother, Andy McLeroy. Below are two amazing pieces that he wrote and recorded. The first, Charity's Nocturne, is a song inspired by the scene in Charity's music room when she plays for Hugh, and the second is the song (A Galaxy Dies) I used for inspiration while writing that scene. Got that? Lol. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!


In case you didn't know, I'm something of a packing guru ;)  Here is a video I made with packing tips so you too can travel without ever having to check a bag! 

I am thrilled to be able to present you with the fabulous except book I put together with six other fantastic Regency Authors:

Sabrina Jeffries
Valerie Bowman
Heather Snow
Leigh LaValle
Darcy Burke
and Sara Ramsey

So without further ado... TADA!
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In which the Secret Curtsey Sisters make a cake of themselves (for charity of course!  Click Here to bid!)

Erin signing her book deal with NAL Signet Eclipse, an imprint of Penguin:

Packing tips for conference-bound writers (Original - before taking the pen name Erin Knightley):

Outfits for Nationals: